Two new Covid-19 deaths, but more known hospitalizations possible

A truck from municipal health service GGD Amsterdam
A truck from municipal health service GGD Amsterdam on Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam Oost. March 9, 2020NL TimesNL Times

Two more deaths caused by respiratory illness Covid-19 were revealed by the Dutch public health agency RIVM on Saturday. One of the two deaths occurred on June 20, which had been the first date without a Covid-19 fatality since March 9.

There were still no patient deaths reported to the RIVM on June 22, 25 or 26. The other death reported by the RIVM took place on June 11, which raised the total number of deaths in the Netherlands to 6,105.

Additionally, one other hospital admission was tied to the coronavirus disease, which happened on June 25. To date, 11,868 have required hospital care to combat the illness.

More reports of hospitalizations linked to the past few days are expected, considering the government's coronavirus dashboard estimated an average of five hospitalizations per day for each of the last three days. However, those figures have not been reflected in the official tally from the RIVM.

So far, 50,074 have been identified with an active SARS-CoV-2 infection, the novel coronavirus responsible for Covid-19. That was an increase of 71, the RIVM said.