Netherlands 6th most expensive country in EU

Enjoying a drink on a terrace in The Hague
Enjoying a drink on a terrace in The HaguekruwtDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

The Netherlands is one of the most expensive countries in the European Union, according to figures from European stats office Eurostat. Dutch consumer prices are 17 percent higher than the EU average, with Dutch prices being above average in every category checked.

Netherlands residents pay more than their EU counterparts especially when it comes to buying a car or other personal transport equipment. In that category, the Netherlands is 21 percent more expensive than average, behind only Denmark which is 38 percent pricier.

Dutch prices on alcohol and tobacco are 12 percent above average, and for hotels and restaurants 8 percent. Clothing (5 percent), consumer electronics (4 percent), and food and nonalcoholic beverages (2 percent) are closer to par. 

Eurostat examined all 27 European Union member states and 10 other countries against the European Union average. It found that Denmark was the most expensive of the EU27, at 141% of the European Union average for consumer goods and services, followed by Ireland (134%), Luxembourg (131%), Finland (127%), Sweden (121%) and the Netherlands. Including the other ten nations examined, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway were pricier than any EU member state, and the United Kingdom was tied with Sweden.

Prices in the United Kingdom were not included in European Union statistics because of its decision to leave the EU on January 31.

Turkey ranked least expensive of all 37 nations at 47% of the EU average, followed by North Macedonia (50%), Bulgaria (53%), and the countries of Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina, which tied with prices that were equivalen to 55% of those found in the European Union.