Knife waving man shot by Eindhoven cops

Hague police officer
A police officer in The Hague. Sept. 11, 2015DutchlightDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

The police in Eindhoven shot a man in the legs on Thursday night. He was walking along Emmasingel, waving a large knife and refused to put it down despite multiple verbal warnings and warning shots, the Eindhoven police said on Twitter.

Officers responded to Emmasingel after a report of the knife waving man. They found him at the scene. The police called on the man to put the weapon down, but to no avail. "In the situation that arose, a colleague subsequently felt compelled to shoot the man in the legs," the police said.

Police officers provided first aid and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, the police said. The man was transported to hospital for treatment. 

The Rijksrecherche, the department that handles internal investigations at the police, is investigating the shooting. This is standard procedure when a police officer fires their service weapon.