Thousands of workers considering legal steps over unpaid vacation pay

Thousands of employees are considering taking legal action to claim wages or vacation pay that they received late or not at all. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of requests for legal advice on this front skyrocketed, BNR reports based on figures from legal expense insurers and trade unions.

Legal expense insurer Arag received some 3 thousand requests for legal advice over the past few months. The number of requests increased every month since March. DAS also saw more applications for legal assistance on unpaid wages or vacation pay, but could not give BNR exact figures. Legal Counter noticed that its website is more often searched for  employees' rights if wages or vacation pay are not paid.

Trade union FNV noticed a similar trend, Dick Koerselman said to the broadcaster. "We have processed 5 thousand requests for help. 90 percent of these were about wages, holiday pay," he said. "We remind employees of their rights and advise them to talk to their employer.