Covid-19 intensive care patient total "stable"; Further decrease possible

Social distancing promoted on an Amsterdam fire department ladder truck
Social distancing promoted on an Amsterdam fire department ladder truck. May 30, 2020NL TimesNL Times

There were 113 people being treated for Covid-19 in intensive care at Dutch medical centers on Thursday, down three from a day earlier. Outside of the ICU, Dutch hospitals were still treating 481 patients for the coronavirus disease, a decrease of 15, according to patient coordination office LCPS.

"We expect the number to drop a bit more because the inflow has remained stable at a low level for more than three weeks since the [coronavirus] regulations have been relaxed," said Ernst Kuipers, the chair of the country's acute care network stated.

The Netherlands has sent 2,898 people to intensive care for Covid-19 since early March. Some 1,484 of those recovered and were discharged, while 836 have died. Another 391 were transferred out of the ICU and were still in treatment in other hospital departments, according to nonprofit organization NICE.

"In addition, we see that the overall occupancy at the ICU is increasing due to the expansion of regular care," Kuipers said. There was a ten percent increase in patients without Covid-19 at the ICU, up to 567 people in to total.