Water company calls NL residents to be sparing with water as drought continues

Kids playing with water on a hot day
Kids playing with water on a hot dayhalfpointDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Water company Vitens is calling on Netherlands residents to be careful with their water use. On Saturday, water pressure in Overijssel and Gelderland had to be lowered due to extremely high demand caused by the warm weather and drought.

According to Vitens, in some areas water use was up to 70 percent more than usual as people watered their gardens due to the drought and filled swimming pools to cool off in the warm weather. This put the drinking water supply under pressure, resulting in the company having to lower water pressure.

Netherlands residents should definitely keep washing their hands and stay hydrated. But save water in other ways. Don't water the garden, opt for short showers instead of baths, don't fill your pools, only do laundry when you have a full load, and don't wash the car.