Covid-19 in ICU: Patient total down nearly 90 percent since April peak

The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care fell slightly on Monday to 158, a decrease of one compared to Sunday. The patient total was 89 percent lower than the peak of 1,417 patients reported on April 9 by patient coordination office LCPS.

"The overall occupancy remains low with 646 patients," said Ernst Kuipers, referring to the total number of ICU patients with and without Covid-19. A leader in acute medicine in the Netherlands, Kuipers previously said the relatively slow upstart in non-Covid care at the ICU was a sign that general practitioners and hospitals were having a difficult time resuming the normal care which has largely been on hold since mid-March.

To date, some 2,882 residents of the Netherlands have required intensive care treatment for Covid-19. Around half, or 1,448, recovered from the disease and were discharged, and 828 have died.

Another 397 were still being treated in a hospital, but were no longer in an ICU, said nonprofit organization NICE.