Emergency Covid hospitals in Rotterdam, Maastricht were 'rushed', nobody to pay

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Hastily-constructed makeshift emergency hospitals in Rotterdam Ahoy and MECC Maastricht are now left with nobody to foot the bill, according to an investigative report by journalists from Investico.

The construction of the emergency hospitals has not been approved by regional healthcare institutions, which has led to health insurers refusing to pay on the same grounds, according to the report. The combined costs of construction are estimated at 14 million euros.

According to the investigation, the construction of both emergency hospitals was rushed and went forward without the support of local consultative bodies.

The two emergency hospitals, intended for use by patients too sick to stay at home but not in need of ICU treatment, have already been dismantled. Their reconstruction is not under consideration, the report alleges, even with the prospect of second wave of Covid-19 infections requiring additional hospital capacity.

The rent at Rotterdam Ahoy had initially been secured by the Eurovision Song Competition, which was to take place there in May. The rent payment from the festival rand dry this week, Investico found.