Covid-19 in ICU: Lowest patient total since March 17

There were 223 patients with Covid-19 being treated in intensive care on Sunday, the lowest total since March 17. The number of patients in critical care has gone down 43 times in 45 days with Sunday's total four patients less than Saturday's count.

The situation in the other hospital departments is also improving, said Ernst Kuipers, the head of the acute care provider's network. "The number of COVID patients outside the ICU is currently decreasing rapidly," he said in a statement issued by patient coordination office LCPS. All told, there were less than a thousand Covid-19 patients in hospitals across the Netherlands.

Outside of intensive care, Dutch hospital patients with the coronavirus disease totaled 730, including 471 former ICU patients, according to statistics from the LCPS and nonprofit organization NICE. Out of all 2,853 patients from the Netherlands who were treated in intensive care for Covid-19, 817 died, and 1,285 recovered from the disease, figures from NICE show.

Kuipers said that care for patients without Covid-19 has gotten off to a slower start, with overall ICU occupancy low. There were about 500 patients without Covid-19 in critical care, the LCPS said.