NS, ProRail start testing social distancing measures at six stations

Social distancing measures at train stations in the Netherlands
Social distancing measures at train stations in the NetherlandsNSNS.nl

Next week ProRail and NS will start testing social distancing measures at six stations in the Netherlands. The measures, intended to help travelers keep 1.5 meters apart, will be introduced on a step-by-step basis, with the public transit companies evaluating their effectiveness throughout, NS said on Monday. 

The introduction of the measures will start at the stations Arnhem Centraal, Amsterdam Zuid, Utrecht Centraal, Gouda, Culemborg, and Groningen Noord. From May 11th, signs at the entrances of these stations will instruct passengers to keep 1.5 meters apart, keep right as much as possible, touch as little as possible, keep a distance of four steps on escalators, and keep five tiles apart on the platform. No more than two people will be allowed in elevators at a time. 

Lines are being placed throughout the station to show how far apart travelers should be, especially in busy areas like stairs, around ticket machines, and escalators. And measures will be reiterated on information screens and through broadcast messages. 

The stations will also be cleaned more often, with particular attention paid to door handles, buttons, and other places people touch on a regular basis.

ProRail and NS will monitor the effect of the measures as they are implemented, and share what they learn with other public transporters. "If necessary, the measures will be adjusted or additional measures will follow," NS said.