Fire at two transmission masts in The Hague

Transmission mast
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Two transmissions masts in The Hague were found burning during the early hours of Monday morning. The fires at masts on Jaap Edenweg and Laan Van Poot were reported shortly after one another, local safety region Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden confirmed to

The police closed down the areas around both masts for investigation. The one on Jaap Edenweg is a C2000 mast, which is used for communication between emergency services. The extent of the damage is not yet clear.

On Friday night, a transmission mast on the A67 in Maasbree, Limburg was also set on fire. 

The police can't confirm yet whether arson was involved, but as more than 20 transmission masts in the country have been set alight since April 3rd, it seems likely.

The suspicion is that the fires are extremist protests against the roll out of the 5G network. Conspiracy theories online linked the network to the coronavirus, saying that it destroys the immune system and therefore left people vulnerable to the virus. There is no evidence for this.

So far three suspects have been arrested. A Groningen man is suspected of setting fire to a mast in Groningen. And two men from Swifterbant are suspected of arson in Dronten. 

A protest against the 5G network will be held in The Hague on Monday.