Fortnite player’s “Don’t shoot!” screams trigger Rotterdam police response

Reports of someone shouting "Don't shoot! Don't Shoot" had the Rotterdam police responding to a home in Pernis in large numbers over the weekend. But at the scene they found that their bulletproof vests and service weapons were unnecessary - the shouts were a boy playing Fortnite, a community police officer said on Instagram.

Due to the nature of the report - "Don't shoot" definitely suggests involvement of a firearm - the police responded to the home en masse. "According to protocol, we put on our bulletproof vests on the way," the community officer said.

At the scene, the responding officers noticed nothing strange on the street and could not hear anything from the home. So they decided to carefully go knock on the door.

"After knocking several times, an elderly woman looked out the window," the officer said. She opened the door and when the police explained why they were there, the elderly woman said: "That's my grandson who is playing Fortnite."