New reported Covid-19 hospitalizations, deaths remains low; Death toll at 4,475

Medical masks on sale at a store in Amsterdam Oost
Medical masks on sale at a store in Amsterdam Oost. April 24, 2020NL Times

At least 25 new patients with a coronavirus infection entered hospital on Saturday, according to new figures provided by public health agency RIVM on Sunday. It brings the total number of people hospitalized since the end of February up to 10,456.

That includes an overall increase of 75, compared to data released on Saturday. Among those cases are a doubling of known admissions on Friday, from 24 to 48, and other scattered cases dating back to March 15.

Deaths of people with a coronavirus infection rose to 4,475, an increase of 66. Some 19 of the reported patient deaths occurred on Saturday, and 20 more were added to Friday's total, bringing that day's count up to 52. The 66 new deaths reported include other cases dating as far back as April 6.

"Because not all COVID-19 patients are tested, the actual numbers in the Netherlands are higher than the numbers mentioned in the report," the RIVM said. Research from family physicians in the Netherlands suggested that there were hundreds of deaths where a patient was suspected of having the respiratory illness, but was not tested for coronavirus.

On Sunday at least 37,845 had tested positive for the virus, an increase of 655 from the previous day's total. By Friday, 193,950 people had been tested for the virus. The RIVM said it would not be able to release testing statistics over the weekend.