Video: National footballers deliver inspired message in Dutch and English

The players of the Dutch national football team posted a video on social media expressing support for the people of the Netherlands during the coronavirus crisis. "We're all in this together," is their message.

Captain Virgil van Dijk stressed in the video that we are all on the same team. "We are proud of our country. Proud of the team. And our thoughts are with everyone struggling in these difficult times," Van Dijk said. "Keep your heads up and take care of each other."

Oranje is doing its part in this fight by making a donation to NL Voor Elkaar, a non-profit organization committed to people struggling under the coronavirus. Van Dijk did not mention amounts.

On Monday, the Oranje players also took action to support Dutch football. They contributed to a support package worth 11 million euros, set up by sponsor ING and Dutch football association KNVB.