No more tourists in the Rotterdam region, and south to Zeeland

Rotterdam and the province of Zeeland closed campsites and other tourist destinations to keep tourists out of these regions, in order to not put too much pressure on their healthcare systems during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam ordered campsites and permanent holiday accommodations closed on the Zuid-Holland islands, according to RTL Nieuws. Though permanent residents will still be allowed to live in their homes located on holiday destinations.

The province of Zeeland closed recreational parks, campsites, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and marinas. All non-Zeeland residents are banned from spending the night in the province. Zeeland previously called on tourists to stay away.

In both cases, these measures were taken to avoid pressure on the healthcare systems, and to prevent traveling tourists from spreading the coronavirus. 

Sources told RTL Nieuws that the government's Outbreak Management Team advised that domestic tourism should be limited in the fight against the coronavirus. Prime Minister Mark Rutte will hold a press conference on Tuesday evening to announce which measures will be in place until when.