Nearly 10,000 in the Netherlands have coronavirus; Another 93 were reported dead

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Dutch public health agency RIVM said there were 9,762 people who tested positive for coronavirus in the Netherlands on Saturday, an increase of 1,159 over Friday's total. The agency added that 93 more people who tested positive later died, bringing the total number of Dutch fatal cases to 639.

The increase in patient total equated to a rise of 13.4 percent, continuing a downward trend in the rate of infection based on those tested. The number of people being tested for a coronavirus infection was still limited mainly to medical care professionals and those in compromised health whose treatment options could change based on a diagnosis.

Noord-Brabant was home to 2,748 people who tested positive, or 28 percent of all cases across the Netherlands. That figure has been falling steadily for over two weeks, as the number of patients quickly increases in Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland. Zuid-Holland recorded 259 more patients, a 21-percent increase from Friday, taking its total to 1,508. Some 308 of those people reside in Rotterdam

In Noord-Holland, where Amsterdam became home to 477 people who tested positive with the virus, a 13-percent rise was registered. The province was home to 1,401 cases with an increase of 166 since Friday.

"Even today, the number of reported patients admitted to hospital and the number of reported deaths are increasing slower than you would expect without measures," the RIVM said in reference to the government's strategy of asking people to stay home as much as possible, and severely limiting group sizes. "If this trend continues, it will be possible to conclude in a few days whether the measures taken are working."

To date, 2,954 patients who tested positive for the virus have required treatment in a hospital. The increase seen in the previous 24-hour period was 454, equivalent to over 18 percent.

On Friday, the intensive care workers' association said 118 more patients were admitted to a hospital ICU, bringing that total up to 873. As the number of coronavirus patients increase, so does the pressure on the healthcare system. The Bernhoven hospital in Uden closed its pediatric department on Friday, so that equipment and personnel can be used for emergency care for Covid-19 patients, NOS reports. The children still at the department were transferred to Radboudumc in Nijmegen. Sick children can still be taken to Bernhoven hospital for first treatment, but they will transferred to other hospitals afterwards. 

On Friday, the Netherlands was consulting with Germany on whether Dutch patients can be transferred there if the beds in the ICU run out. "Germany is obviously also preparing for the coronavirus crisis, but we are exploring all options," Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care said to NOS. 

Amsterdam hospitals AMC and VUmc created a special team to support care providers working with coronavirus patients, RTL Nieuws reports. Healthcare workers can go to the team to vent, for support, and to talk about what they feel will help the PTSD they could contract.

An employee of the Antonius Hospital in Sneek posted an emotional farewell to two healed Covid-19 patients on Facebook. "I stood there in my protective clothing, with bright red cheeks, sweat on my nose, and tears rolled over my cheeks."

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