Coronavirus: 25 Dutch quarantined in Vietnam hotel

A group of 25 Dutch tourists are quarantined in a hotel in the Vietnamese coastal town of Hoi An, a spokesperson for TUI Nederland confirmed to on Wednesday. During a domestic flight, the group was on a plane with a person possibly infected with coronavirus Covid-19.

The Dutch travelers are in Vietnam as part of a group trip organized by travel organization Kras Reizen, which is part of TUI. The local authorities conducted Covid-19 tests and the travelers must stay in the Cua Dai Beach Hotel until the results are known.

According to the TUI spokesperson, Cua Dai Beach Hotel is not the hotel the travelers planned to stay in. The hotel selected by the Vietnamese government is not suitable for the TUI travelers, the spokesperson said to

The travel organization and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are monitoring the situation and want clarity for the travelers as soon as possible, the spokesperson said. TUI is in contact with the travelers and their tour guide via SMS.