E-bike sales at record high in Netherlands

Man on an electric bike
Man on an electric bikePhoto: AndreyPopov/DepositPhotos

A record number of e-bikes were sold in the Netherlands last year, according to RAI, Bovag and research agency GfK. A massive 420 thousand of these bikes were sold, making them responsible for around 70 percent of the total turnover from bicycle sales, NU.nl reports.

The total turnover from bicycle sales amounted to 1.252 billion euros. With a market share of 41.7 percent, the e-bike is now the most sold type of bicycle in the Netherlands for the second year in a row. On average, consumers pay 2,067 euros for an e-bike.

E-bike leasing was also expected to soar in 2020, the industry associations said at the end of last year. New leasing rules made it more financially attractive for companies to lease electric bikes and allow their employees to use them as company bicycles.

The law change was expected to trigger another 150 thousand e-bike sales alone.