German Covid-19 patient was healthy when he visited Limburg: health authority

A German man who was recently diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19 showed no symptoms when he visited Limburg, public health institute RIVM said on Wednesday afternoon. An investigation into who he came into contact with during his time here is therefore unnecessary, the health authority said to NOS.

According to a spokesperson, investigation by health service GGD showed that the man visited Limburg over the weekend of 8 and 9 February - long before he started showing symptoms. "The patient was therefore not sick while he was in the Netherlands. And for that reason no contact investigation is needed," she said to the broadcaster.

As it took a long time after his visit to Limburg before the man started showing symptoms, and the chance of Covid-19 spreading is greater the sicker the patient is, the RIVM considers the chance of the German man spreading the virus in the Netherlands "to be very small, if not zero".