Amsterdam says 24 artworks missing from bankrupt hospital

Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam (Photo: Arch/Wikimedia Commons)Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam (Photo: Arch/Wikimedia Commons)

The city of Amsterdam filed a police report regarding 24 artworks that were never recovered from the Slotervaart Hospital collection of nearly 200 pieces after the hospital was declared bankrupt in October 2018. Over the years, the municipality also loaned 38 paintings and other works of art to the hospital, but only 14 were recovered following the hospital's bankruptcy, NH Nieuws reports.

The municipality of Amsterdam did not say exactly which artworks are missing.

The artworks are being assessed by the Stedelijk Museum and the Amsterdam Museum, which will decide which of the works to include in their collections and which should be sold, Amsterdam alderperson Touria Meliani of Groenlinks told local broadcaster AT5. 

An inventory by the bankruptcy administrator showed that Slotervaart Hospital's art collection consisted of 195 work, including some high profile pieces like a colorful glass wall by Karel Appel and a reverse prism by Piet Hein Stulemeijer. All art belonging to the hospital is now the property of the capital city.