Limburg's Klimmen-Ransdaal most popular train station in NL; Brabant's Lage Zwaluwe least

Klimmen-Ransdaal station

The train station between the Limburg villages of Klimmen and Ransdaal, a national monument dating from 1913, is the most popular train station in the Netherlands, according to a study by NS. 97 percent of travelers gave Klimmen-Ransdaal a score of 7 out of 10 or higher. The Noord-Brabant train station Lage Zwaluwe is least popular with only 27 percent of travelers giving it a satisfactory score.

I&O Research surveyed 150 train travelers on the train stations in the Netherlands on behalf of NS. According to NS, Lage Zwaluwe is so unpopular partly because of its location - relatively far away from the town and right next to the highway. 

Last year, 77 percent of travelers were positive about the train stations in the Netherlands, giving them a score of 7 or higher. That is a slight increase compared to the 76 percent of 2018, but a significant increase compared to 2014 when 65 percent of travelers were satisfied with the train stations. 

When it comes to the Central Stations in the Netherlands' large cities, Rotterdam is the most popular. 93 percent of travelers said they are satisfied with Rotterdam Centraal. Utrecht Centraal came in second place with 90 percent satisfied travelers, followed by Amsterdam Centraal with 87 percent and Den Haag Centraal with 86 percent. 85 percent of travelers said they are happy with Eindhoven Station. 

Rotterdam Centraal is the most popular station in Zuid-Holland, followed by Delft and Boskoop Snijderwijk. Utrecht Centraal is also the province's most popular station, followed by Bilthoven and Baarn. Amsterdam Centraal is the third most popular station in Noord-Holland, after Santpoort Zuid and Haarlem. 

Delft station saw the biggest improvements over the past years. In 2014 only 40 percent of travelers gave the station a score of 7 or higher. Last year it was 92 percent.