Sex toy shortage, price hikes likely due to coronavirus: Dutch retailer

Women discussing a variety of sex toys
Women discussing a variety of sex toysKzenonDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

The coronavirus epidemic in China is affecting more recreational activities than cruises and travels. Veendam company EDC Retail, which claims to be the European market leader in the erotic toy industry, warns that there will be a shortage of sex toys by April if the situation around Covid-19 doesn't change, ANP reports.

The Chinese factory that produces for EDC Retail is currently running at around a third of its normal capacity because most of its workers have to stay at home. Suppliers are also running into problems, due to lower production. "The production of items such as vibrators, butt plugs and erotic games, as well as that of packaging is stagnating," the company said to the news wire. 

Transport is also basically at a standstill, EDC Retail said. Goods transport by ship is currently almost impossible, and transport by cargo plane is much more expensive. 

As a result, EDC Retail has been forced to purchase additional stocks in Europe and the United States. The prices of sex toys will likely go up due to the scarcity, director Eric Idema said to ANP. 

EDC Retail is the company behind online store Last year the company also took over and According to preliminary figures, EDC Retail's annual turnover increased by more than half to around 33 million euros last year, the news wire wrote.