House prices in NL record high; Bloemendaal most expensive

Small home for sale
Small home for sale Photo: Kloeg008/DepositPhotos

The average selling price of an owner-occupied home in the Netherlands topped 300 thousand euros for the first time ever. Existing owner-occupied homes were most expensive in Bloemendaal at 832 thousand euros on average, and cheapest in Delfzijl at 155 thousand euros on average, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry.

In 2019 the average selling price for an existing owner-occupied home was 308 thousand euros, the first time this amount was over 300 thousand euros since the Land Registry started keeping track of average selling prices in 1995.

The average selling price was the highest n the province of Noord-Holland, which includes Amsterdam with an average selling price of 485 thousand euros. Eight of the 10 municipalities with the highest selling prices are in Noord-Holland. Amsterdam fell just outside the top 10. Six of the 10 municipalities with the lowest selling prices are in Groningen.

With an average selling price of 832 thousand euros, Bloemendaal is the most expensive place to buy a home. It is also the only municipality with a selling price of over 800 thousand euros. In eight municipalities homes sold on average for more than 500 thousand euros last year.

Delfzijl is the cheapest municipality to buy a home with an average selling price of 155 thousand euros. It was one of 14 municipalities where homes sold for less than 200 thousand euros on average last year. The difference between the average selling price in Bloemendaal and Delfzijl is enough to buy a home in Rozendaal, where homes sold for an average of 677 thousand euros last year. 

Average owner-occupied selling prices in the top 10 most expensive municipalities:

  1. Bloemendaal €831,600
  2. Blaricum €775,900
  3. Laren €768,100
  4. Wassenaar €711,300
  5. Rozendaal €667,400
  6. Heemstede €626,600
  7. Amstelveen €525,200
  8. Gooise Meren €510,200
  9. Ouder Amstel €494,100
  10. Bergen €488,400