Dutch viewers' guide to warn about sex, violence in YouTube videos

Children watching videos on a laptop
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The Netherlands' viewers' guide Kijkwijzer will also apply to YouTube videos from September, according to a new law that will take effect then. The Kijkwijzer will warn if a video contains sex, violence, drug use or the like, in order to better protect children against unwanted content. Those who do not cooperate with the Kijkwijzer, can expect a hefty fine, Minister Arie Slob for Primary and Secondary Education said, RTL Nieuws reports.

The new law obliges YouTube content creators with a large audience to join the Kijkwijzer, like TV producers already do. Videos will then be given a recommended age indication, and pictograms that tell more about the content, such as whether a video contains violence, sex, or drug use. 

The Ministry is still working out to which YouTube channels and vloggers the Kijkwijzer will apply. They will have to answer a list of questions about their content, based on which the Kijkwijzer will be established. The Media Authority will see to it that larger YouTube channels join the Kijkwijzer and adhere to its rules. "Vloggers who do not comply with this can expect high fines," Slob said.

According to the Minister, the Kijkwijzer can help parents determine whether or not a video is appropriate for their child. "And the Kijkwijzer helps to make agreements between parents and child."