Dutch extracted from China can be quarantined in their own homes

People wearing masks in Beijing, China
People wearing masks in Beijing, ChinaImaginechina-EditorialDepositPhotos

The Dutch people who will be extracted from the Chinese city of Wuhan over the weekend will be allowed to spend the two weeks long quarantine period - to make sure they are not infected with the new coronavirus - in their own home in the Netherlands, provided that their home is suitable for this, the Dutch embassy in China informed them by email, NOS reports.

The embassy initially warned that the Dutch may have to be quarantined in another European country - the country they first landed in. But that now seems not to be necessary, according to the email.

There are 20 Dutch people currently in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Eighteen of them informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that they want to return to the Netherlands. They will likely fly back to Europe on a French plane during the early hours of Sunday morning, according to NOS. They will have to get to the airport in Wuhan themselves, but their return to Europe will be funded by the EU and the Netherlands.

Back in the Netherlands, municipal health services GGD will determine on a case-by-case basis whether their homes are suitable for quarantine. Each person will have to sign a contract stating that they will not leave their home or other quarantine location for the incubation period of the virus. 

The contract reads, translated from Dutch:

"I declare that after returning to the Netherlands I will voluntarily go into home quarantine if the home is suitable for this or in a location designated by the State. I am also willing to participate in any health tests if requested.

I will not leave the house or other location during the quarantine, and will take all measures that are part of the quarantine and monitoring of my health, such as limiting contact with any family members present to the minimum and avoiding contact with third parties. I will follow the instructions of the GGD on taking hygienic and other advice."