Inspectorate investigates two police departments after reported abuses

Dutch police
A sign hanging in front of a Dutch police post. April 30, 2006Photo: M.M.Minderhoud via Michiel1972Wikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

The Justice and Security Inspectorate is launching an "exploratory investigation" into the working methods and mutual relationships within two police departments that form part of the National Unit of the National Police. The Inspectorate received signals about possible abuses within these departments, including about "unprofessional practices", NOS reports.

The units involved are the National Information Organization Service and the National Operational Cooperation Service. According to the Inspectorate, the National Police itself asked for the investigation. The exploratory investigation will start this month. Once it is done, the Inspectorate will decide what the actual investigation will focus on.

Late last year NRC wrote that trust issues within the National Unit are impeding the international intelligence network of the police. According to NRC, police officers are worried about favoritism, complaints being ignored, abuse of power, discrimination, and declarations being tampered with.