Training mission in Iraq partly halted; NL considering how to proceed

The international coalition in the fight against terrorist organization ISIS decided to partly halt a mission to train Iraqi soldiers, in which Dutch soldiers are also involved, after a resolution in which the Iraqi parliament voted against the military presence of other countries in Iraq. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is studying the resolution and is in consultation with the other countries in the anti-ISIS resolution, the Ministry said to NOS.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that Dutch troops are currently in Iraq with a mandate from the Iraqi government to fight ISIS.

The resolution is the Iraqi government's response to American air strikes in Baghdad on Friday, according to the broadcaster. An Iranian general and an Iraqi militia leader were killed in those attacks. The resolution is not binding to the Iraqi government, but Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi said on Sunday that it would be better for both countries if the Americans leave Iraq. According to him, the Americans have a "for us or against us" policy.

The international anti-ISIS coalition decided to halt the training of Iraqi commandos in Baghdad for the time being. Up to 12 Dutch soldiers are involved in this training. The training of Iraqi troops in Erbil, in the north of the country, will continue. About 50 Dutch soldiers are training Iraqi-Kurdish troops there.