1,300 fireworks injuries over New Year's; 7 percent increase

A total of 1,300 people were injured by fireworks over New Year's, 7 percent more than the 2018/2019 New Year's period, according to figures from VeligheidNL. Brigitte Blatter from the safety organization called the increase worrying. "It therefore appears that the safety measures taken, such as banning certain fireworks or better information, have not helped," she said to NU.nl.

In total, 385 people ended up in emergency rooms after fireworks accidents. 900 people went to GP posts with minor injuries. Last year there were 396 emergency room visits and 800 GP post visits. 

Over the past years, the number of emergency room treatments after fireworks accidents decreased, but visits to GP posts increased. According to Blatter, this is partly due to changes in the healthcare system. More minor injuries that used to be treated in emergency rooms are now being sent to GP offices. 

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital treated 18 people on New Year's Eve for injuries caused by fireworks. Ophthalmologist Tjeerd de Faber called it the busiest the hospital's been in eight years.