Thick fog persists throughout NL, code yellow warning still in place

Extremely thick fog where the A4 highway joins the N11, 30 December 2019
Extremely thick fog where the A4 highway joins the N11, 30 December 2019Rijkswaterstaat, @RWSverkeersinfoTwitter

Extremely thick fog that caused many problems on Dutch roads throughout New Year's Eve is still present in large parts of the Netherlands. Meteorological institute KNMI currently has a code yellow warning in place for the entire country except Zeeland, warning that visibility may be reduced to less than 200 meters in some places. 

"Dangerous driving conditions due to poor visibility," KNMI warned. Road users are advised to drive slowly and keep a safe following distance. "Follow weather reports and warnings."

The thick fog caused a massive pile-up in Friesland, in which one person was killed and 19 injured. Car accidents were reported throughout the country.

At one point, just after midnight, KNMI issued a code red warning, saying that visibility was reduced to less than 10 meters in some places. Motorists were warned to stay off the roads. The code red was lifted at around 4:00 a.m.

The meteorological institute expects that the fog will dissipate as the morning progresses.

The first day of 2020 will be largely cloudy and gray in the Netherlands, though the southwest of the country may see the sun break through from time to time. Maximum temperatures will range from 2 degrees Celsius where the fog persists to 6 degrees in the southeast where the sun makes an appearance.