Large Dutch cities not satisfied with new tourist rental law

Minister Stientje van Veldhoven, responsible for Environment and Housing, submitted a new bill to parliament that makes it mandatory for homeowners who rent out their homes to tourists to register this with their municipality. Those who fail to do so face a fine of up to 83 thousand euros. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, who insisted on the law, think it does not go far enough, NRC reports.

This obligation to register tourist rentals will only apply in municipalities that can demonstrate that there is a scarcity on the housing market. People who want to rent out their home must request a registration number from the municipality. That number must be stated in the advertisement for the rental, so that municipalities can check whether landlords are complying with the rules. 

The four large Dutch cities had hoped that the new law would include obligations for tourist rental platforms like Airbnb, Booking and Expedia. They are disappointed that enforcement of the registration obligation will fall on the municipality. The aldermen of the big cities would have liked the law to oblige platforms to refuse ads that don't have a registration number, for example. Amsterdam alderman Laurens Ivens described the bill as a "half measure" to NRC.

Minister Van Veldhoven told NRC that this bill is the maximum that can be done within European  directives. "Long-term effort in Brussels is required to make further measures towards the platforms possible", she said. 


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