Diemen alderman fined for drug possession, disrupting public order

Former Diemen alderman Jorrit Nuijens was fined 600 euros for disrupting public order and drug possession. With that the case against him following his arrest in Amsterdam is closed. "I can focus on the future", Nuijens said in a statement.

Nuijens was arrested at a terrace next to the Amsterdam city hall on June 20th. The police found a bottle containing GHB and two bags of weed in his bag. The then alderman was suspected of using hard drugs, but a blood test showed that he had no prohibited substances in his system. 

"The Public Prosecution Service imposed a fine of 400 euros for possession of a user amount of recreational drugs", Nuijens said. "I immediately requested a drug test at the police station and I think the choice to use recreational drugs or alcohol in your own time is a private matter." He was also fined 200 euros for disrupting public order. "Both amounts are standard in comparable cases. I accept my responsibility and both penalties."

Nuijens resigned as alderman for GroenLinks and deputy mayor of Diemen shortly after his arrest. He was responsible for public space, sustainability, the environment and refugee affairs, among other things.