Diemen alderman resigns after Amsterdam arrest


Jorrit Nuijens (GroenLinks) resigned as alderman of Diemen on Friday after his arrest in Amsterdam on Thursday, GroenLinks Diemen announced. The 39-year-old man was arrested for disrupting public order on Waterlooplein, in front of Amsterdam's city hall. The police later found a small bottle of what they believe is GHB on the alderman, according to newspaper AD.

After his arrest, Nuijens spat in the face of two police officers, the police said. They both filed a declaration against him, accusing him of insult. 

In the coming days, Nuijens will "rest and reflect on the events", he said in a statement, according to the newspaper. "It is not appropriate for an alderman to address police officers in this way", he said. The former alderman also said that the reporting on his arrest contains "a number of untruths", though he did not elaborate on what they were.

Staying at GroenLInks Diemen would harm his party and the municipality, Nuijens said. "That is the last thing I want. I apologize sincerely. I am sorry that, against my nature, I cannot properly transfer my work for the municipality. However, the best thing I can do now for my ideals, Diemen and GroenLinks, is to leave immediately."