Only 10 percent of Amsterdam taxi rides happen without fault

The quality of Amsterdam taxis seem to be declining. Mystery guests traveled 200 trips in so-called TTO taxis last year and found no fault in only 19 of those trips, according to the Amsterdam Taxi Monitor 2018. Almost 40 percent of the trips involved major violations, like unnecessary detours and price manipulation, De Telegraaf reports.

The most common complaints about Amsterdam taxis involve drivers' driving and parking behavior, taxi drivers refusing a ride, the fare, and drivers treating customers or people on the street poorly.

Services in which you order a taxi through an app, like Uber or the TCA app, score better than taxis you just hail on the street - 7.4 and 5.2 respectively. The order taxi market now holds three quarters of the total taxi market. 

"Those figures are even sadder than in the past", D66 city councilor Jan-Bert Vroege said about the results of the Taxi Monitor. "The problems on the TTO market remain very serious. Action must be taken."

A TTO is a taxi organization that made agreements with the Amsterdam municipality regarding what its customers can expect.



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