Boy, father called “Zwarte Piet” in food stand’s Tweet; Owner says sorry

Oliebollen stall De Wit Gebak from Eindhoven caused a social media commotion by posting a photo of a toddler and his father on its Facebook page, describing them as "Zwarte Piet". The owner, Piet de Wit, apologized and said they meant no harm. "I would like to get in touch with that man in the photo, to apologize", he said to Omroep Brabant.

The photos of the man and toddler were taken as they bought oliebollen from the food stall. On Saturday, de Wit's wife posted the photos on Facebook with the caption, translated from Dutch: "Look how this little, but also the big Zwarte Piet enjoy this."

The post led to a storm of reactions, many accusing the couple of racism. De Wit told Omroep Brabant that he is definitely not a racist. "I am not like that and neither is my wife. I have also employed dark people, Moroccans and Kenyans. I find this very annoying. I would like to get in touch with that man in the photo, to apologize. I now get all the nasty reactions and am being threatened, but this was never intended."

"When my wife wanted to post the photo, I already asked her if it was wise. But we saw no harm in it, the man in the photo also liked that the photo was taken."

Piet de Wit posted an apology on Facebook, but later removed his Facebook page completely. "But I would like to personally apologize to that man and his son."

The food stand owner's message was not enough for at least one person, who affixed a "Zwarte Piet is Racism" sticker to the De Wit Gebak trailer late Monday night.

jeetje wie zou dit nou gedaan hebben bij dewitgebak oliebollenkraam in eindhoven wow

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