Victim support org. launches campaign to reach more road accident victims

Victim Support Netherlands is launching a campaign to reach more victims of road accidents. Research by the organization showed that there are far more traffic victims than the number of people who come to them for help, and that not all road accident victims know that this is an option, NOS reports.

In 2017, the Dutch Association of Insurers recorded more than 740 thousand car insurance damage claims after a collision. Victim Support Netherlands comes into contact with around 30 thousand road accident victims per year.

"Conversations with road accident victims show that they do not always feel that they are a victim, while they are and therefore have a right to help", Rosa Jansen, CEO of Victim Support Netherlands, said to the broadcaster. "If you as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or motorists are in a collision, Victim Support Netherlands not only offers emotional and legal support, but our employees can also help with practical matters such as applying for compensation or putting you in contact with the appropriate authorities."

The organization is therefore launching an online campaign, in which road accident victims tell their story and urge others in similar situations to also seek help. All people involved in an accident on the road can contact Victim Support for help, no matter how small or large the suffering or damage may be, the organization stresses. People who cause an accident can also be eligible for help, provided they are not being prosecuted.