Gov't allocates €30 million to equip cops with tasers

Police officer with a taser
Police officer with a taserPhoto: Politie

The Dutch government is allocating 30 million euros for the purchase of electric shock weapons for the police. Equipping cops with tasers has been high on the police's wish list for some time, and they are now getting their way, RTL Nieuws reports.

Around 17 thousand police officers who may find themselves in a situation in which they have to defend themselves against violence will be equipped with a taser. Part of the 30 million euros will go towards purchasing these weapons, and part will go towards training police officers how to handle and use them.

The decision to equip police officers with electric shock weapons comes after an extensive trial period. During this experiment, the safety and health effects of tasers were examined. The police also concluded that threatening to use the taser is in most cases enough to deescalate a dangerous situation.

In September, National Police Chief Erik Akerboom already called on the government to give his officers tasers, in response to an increase in violence against cops in the Netherlands. According to Akerboom, adding the taser to officers' basic equipment will help reduce the violence they face.