First snow expected in on Friday, mainly in Limburg

A dusting of snow in Diemen, 22 Jan 2019
A dusting of snow in Diemen, 22 Jan 2019Photo: Dries Arnolds / NL Times

Limburg residents may well see the first snowfall of the season on Friday, according to Buienradar. And while it is wet snow that is expected - half snow, half water - the Limburg landscape may turn white for a while during the early morning, Buienradar meteorologist Marc de Jong said to RTL Nieuws.

So-called wet snow occurs when the upper part of the air column between a cloud and the ground is very cold, around -30 degrees, while the lower part of that column is still above 0 degrees. "Then the snow falls melting to earth", De Jong explained. 

"If a lot of snow falls on Friday, it's very cold, and it happens early in the morning, it may well be white for a while", De Jong said. "But it won't last very long. If you blink twice, it will be gone again."

The rest of the Netherlands will have to wait a while yet to see their first snowfall of the winter. That also means that Sinterklaas' national arrival in Apeldoorn on Saturday will be snow-free. But there is a chance of rain. "In the north of the country it will be wet, but not in the south. Apeldoorn is on the border so we dare not yet say if it will rain", De Jong said. "It will in any case be cold and damp."