Scottish fugitive linked to Dutch crime writer's assassination

The police are looking for a Scottish fugitive in connection with the murder of crime blogger and ex-criminal Martin Kok in 2016. Christopher Hughes is suspected of luring Kok to his murder, the police revealed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.

Kok was shot and killed at sex club Boccaccio in Laren, after he unwittingly survived another attempt on his life in Amsterdam earlier that day. Hughes was with Kok on the night that he was murdered. The Netherlands' most wanted criminal, Ridouan Taghi is also suspected of involvement in Kok's assassination. 

The police revealed that they are looking for a gang of five Scottish criminals believed to regularly stay in the Netherlands. Christopher Hughes, 30, is one of the members of this gang. The gang is led by two brothers, James and Barry Gillepsie. The brothers are suspected of abductions, tortures and murders. The other three men are seen as henchmen who often do the dirty work.

According to the police, the members of this gang are "extremely dangerous". "In the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Glasgow, they grew up to be tough street fighters", the police said.