Zero-tolerance policy on drugs at Amsterdam Dance Event

Scene from the Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 (photo: ADE_NL/Twitter)Scene from the Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 (photo: ADE_NL/Twitter)

The city of Amsterdam will not tolerate drugs at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), currently happening int he city. "We have a zero tolerance policy in clubs and during events", the city said in a statement, Het Parool reports.

ADE attendees are not allowed to take any drugs into events. Drugs found will be confiscated, and the person carrying them will not be allowed to attend the event.

This policy is signed by the municipality of Amsterdam, ADE itself, Dutch hospitality association Horeca Nederland, addiction care provider Jellinek, the Amsterdam Events Association, and the Night Mayor of Amsterdam. 

Illegal drugs do not belong at parties, the signatories agree. They also believe that users should be aware of the dark side of recreational drug use - not only when it comes to their health and the health of others, but also the criminal underworld they support by buying illegal drugs.

On Tuesday the municipality of Amsterdam announced that it is allocating 4 million euros to tackling drug crime in the city and making local residents more resilient against the criminal underworld. 


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