Amsterdam univ. scientist under fire for rejecting Turkish student

University of Amsterdam
University of AmsterdamPhoto: sergio_pulp/DepositPhotos

A scientist at the University of Amsterdam is under fire because she rejected a Turkish student for an internship due to the Turkish offensive in Syria. In response to the student's application, the scientist said that she is "not inviting Turkish students at this time" due to the situation in Syria, AD reports.

"We reject the employee's reaction. Apologies were offered directly to the student", the University of Amsterdam said on its website. "The UvA is an inclusive and diverse university. Descent or political motivation should never be a reason for the rejection of anyone."

The university made clear to the scientist that her reaction was unacceptable. She was invited for a further discussion, based on which te university will decide what measures are necessary. 

The student has since decided against interning at the University of Amsterdam, according to the newspaper.