Three arrested for shooting at Rotterdam coffee bar

Police at the scene of a shooting on Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam, 29 Sept 2019
Police at the scene of a shooting on Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam, 29 Sept 2019Photo: Politie

Three men were arrested in connection with a shooting at a coffee bar on Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam on Sunday night, including the man who was injured in the shooting. Investigators are looking for witnesses and anyone who may have camera footage or photos of the incident.

The shooting happened at around 9:30 p.m. in front of coffee bar Roffa Coffee. A 26-year-old man from Rotterdam was gunned down. Witnesses reported that an automatic firearm was used to fire at least 10 shots. The victim was rushed to hospital after being stabilized at the scene. The police are still investigating whether the man was the target of the shooting.

"Because it is still unclear what exactly happened, the victim was also arrested", the police said in a statement.

Later that same evening, another man with a bullet wound showed up at a hospital in Rotterdam. The police arrested this man, as well as the man who accompanied him to the hospital. "The police are investigating how this man was injured and whether this is related tot he shooting on Nieuwe Binenweg."

Another part of the investigation, is whether the shooting is related to two car fires early on Monday morning. At around 00:45 a.m., two cars were found burning on Henegouwerplein, at the intersection with Beukelsdijk. 

Investigators want to talk to anyone who can shed more light on exactly what happened at the Rotterdam coffee bar, how the second gunshot victim was hurt, and who set the cars on fire on Henegouwerplein.