Weekend weather to be even warmer than expected

Sunny day at Molen de Valk in Leiden, 6 November 2018
Sunny day at Molen de Valk in Leiden, 6 November 2018Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

This weekend will be warm and predominantly sunny in the Netherlands. Maximums up to 26 degrees are expected on Sunday, according to Weeronline.

Friday will already see warm autumn weather in the south of the country, with thermometers climbing to 20 degrees in many places. The north will still be cloudy and a few degrees colder. 

Saturday will start out with some fog in the north, but the fog will gradually dissipate and the day will become sun-drenched, according to the weather service. Afternoon temperatures will range between 20 degrees on Ameland and a summery 25 degrees in Limburg. Amsterdam will see a maximum of 22 degrees, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Arnhem 23 degrees.

Sunday's maximums will range between 22 degrees and up to 26 degrees in the southeast. The day will be sunny and dry until clouds start appearing in the afternoon. There is a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday night.

After the weekend, there is a big chance of rain every day, with only occasional sunshine. With maximums around 20 degrees, the first part of next week will be warm for the end of September. Later in the week, the afternoon temperature will drop to a more usual 18 degrees.