Photos: The Budget Day hats and outfits

Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld in her Budget Day outfit, 17 Sept 2019
Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld in her Budget Day outfit, 17 Sept 2019Photo: Defensie

In addition to the King’s speech and the government announcing its budget for next year, another big part of Budget Day is the so-called hat parade - seeing what outfits the Dutch politicians decided to wear to the official opening of the parliamentary year. 

King Willem-Alexander is dressed in a jacket and gray vest, with the Ridder Militaire Willems-Orde badge. Queen Maxima is wearing a ruby red column gown with a cape and velor pillbox hat.

With an eye on sustainability, ChristenUnie parliamentarian Carla Dik-Faber chose a pants and kimono combination made from seaweed and saxcell - a stiff fabric made from recycled cotton, made by Hague designer Nienke Hoogvliet. They chose a kimono jacket, because this traditional Japanese garment is often handed down from generation to generation, Hoogvliet said to AD. "This makes this an ultimate statement against fast fashion. Clothing has now literally become an disposable item. Peopled don't even wash it anymore", Dik-Faber said to the newspaper. 

Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld decided to make her outfit a tribute to the Dutch military and the celebration of 75 years of libertion. Her dress is made of a patchwork of pieces of uniforms from the Netherlands' four armed forces department, Tubantia reports. "It is also a statement to show how Defense is committed to reusing old defense textiles and sustainability in general", Bijleveld said to the newspaper. Her had was made by Hassing, the supplier of all Dutch military headwear. Her outfit was designed and made by Daisy van Groningen, who works as a textiles expert at Defen'ses cloting and personnel equipment company KPU. 

Here follows photos of other politicians in their Budget Day outfits