Economic Minister under fire for leaking Budget Day info

Coalition parties CDA and D66 are angry with VVD Minister Eric Wiebes of Economic Affairs because he revealed information from the King's Budget Day speech and the government's budget a day before Budget Day. Prime Minister Mark Rutte received three requests from coalition partners to reprimand Wiebes, AD reports.

In an interview with newspaper AD on Monday, Wiebes said that he came up with the idea of an investment fund involving billions of euros. This fund must provide a boost to the Dutch economy in case of a recession. And the money therein can be invested in innovation, education and infrastructure projects, he said.

To the annoyance of his coalition colleagues. "Is this the new line? For a Minister to tell the whole story from the Budget Memorandum a day in advance?" one coalition member said to AD. Deputy Prime Minister Hugo De Jonge said: "That is not collegiate of Wiebes, because all ministers have to keep their mouth shut until Tuesday afternoon."

Others were annoyed that Wiebes said he came up with the idea of an investment fund and then convinced Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra and his other colleagues to support it. "Hilarious", a coalition source called this statement, according to the newspaper. "That's not fucking right", a prominent coalition member said. Another person involved: "Pathetic, that Wiebes." And another: "This is more at the service of Wiebes' personal reputation management than that he is doing a service to the cabinet."

"Wiebes does not stick to the agreements. Moreover, he did not do anything to shape the fund. We are still waiting for the elaboration", a coalition member said, according to AD. "We don't care who claims it, just start your work and don't turn it into a competition."