Court orders father to pay €10,000 per day kidnapped girl is away from mother

The father of Insiya Hemani, a little girl kidnapped from Amsterdam in 2016, has to pay her mother a penalty of 10 thousand euros for every day he keeps their daughter with him in India, the court in The Hague ruled, Het Parool reports.

Shehzad Hemani has to start paying from the day the ruling reaches him in India, according to the newspaper. The ruling was sent to him last week Wednesday. The sum can run up to a maximum of one million euros.

Insiya was abducted from her grandmother's Amsterdam apartment in September 2016, at the order of her father. The now 5-year-old girl has been staying with her father in India ever since. Multiple requests to have him extradited to the Netherlands, or even for the Dutch authorities to talk to him, have been to no avail. 

Five men and a woman who abducted the girl for Hemani were sentenced to up to four years in prison in July.

Hemani will be prosecuted in the Netherlands. But given the multiple failed attempts at extradition, the trial will likely be held in absentia.