Boy made up story about random man kicking dog to death: Police

Authorities investigating a report of a puppy being kicked to death for no apparent reason said the person who told the story made up the incident. The person walking the dog, a young boy with a developmental disability, pulled the leash too hard killing the animal, according to AD.

"Presumably an unfortunate coincidence led to the death of the dog," police said in a statement later on Tuesday.

A witness came forward after police published an article saying that a 1.95-meter tall man wearing a red balaclava approached the dog walker in Tiel at about 10:30 p.m. on Monday. He immediately started kicking and beating the weeks old Rottweiler, police said the next morning.

The witness gave a different version of events, corroborated by a veterinarians finding that there was little violence involved in the dog's death.

Police then re-interviewed the boy, who said his earlier story was not true. Authorities have not decided whether or not to pursue a case regarding the false report.