Man set to be deported makes daring escape from detention center

A man who was set to be deported from the Netherlands made a daring escape from the detention center next to Rotterdam The Hague Airport last month. He managed to leave the center's grounds by clinging to the underside of the truck, AD reports based on the detention center's monthly report which was published on Thursday.

The escape happened on Wednesday, July 24th. The man crawled under a so-called medical test bus - a white truck that comes to the institution on a weekly basis to check residents for tuberculosis - that was parked on the grounds. He left the site hanging under the truck.

During the evening count, it became clear that the man was no longer in the detention center. After a search of the center yielded nothing, the surveillance camera footage was checked and the man's daring escape was revealed.

As far as is known, the man is still at large. Both the Security and Integrity Office of custodial institutions agency DJI and the detention center itself are investigating the escape.

The detention center next to Rotterdam The Hague Airport houses failed asylum seekers who are about to be deported back to their home countries, according to the newspaper. The building has 320 rooms spread over ten departments.