Two Dutch arrested in "biggest drug bust ever" at Hungary festival

A crowd of people at the Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary, August 2015
A crowd of people at the Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary, August 2015Photo: Derzsi Elekes Andor/Wikimedia Commons

Two Dutch men were arrested at the Sziget festival in Hungary over the weekend on suspicion of drug dealing. Local news site 444 called the arrest the "biggest drug bust ever" at the festival. 

A total of 451 bottles of narcotics, 128 grams of cannabis and a kilogram of ecstasy pills were confiscated from the 21- and 22-year-old suspects, according to The drugs have a street value of around 15 thousand euros. The police also found over 500 price lists on the suspects and at the festival, 444 reports.

The Dutch men were caught due to their popularity. Security guards told the police to check out their tent, due to  constant stream of visitors. 

According to 444, a local court rejected a request from the suspects' lawyers that they be released on bail. The judge first wants to see more results from the ongoing investigation. 

Sziget, held on Obuda island in the Hungarian capital of Budapest every year, is one of the largest music festivals in Europe. The two Dutch suspects were in Hungary specifically for the festival and have no contacts or place of residence in the country, 444 writes. 

Hungary has a very strict anti-drug policy. Drug dealing carries a maximum sentence of eight years in prison. If particularly large quantities of drugs are involved, or there are other aggravating circumstances, suspects can face between 20 years and life in prison, according to