Netherlands' most wanted fugitive hiding in Dubai: report

Ridouan Taghi with a sketch aged to show what he may look like today
Ridouan Taghi with a sketch aged to show what he may look like todayPhoto: Politie/Opsporing Verzocht

Ridouan Taghi, currently the most wanted fugitive in the Netherlands, is almost certainly hiding in Dubai, newspaper De Telegraaf writes based on sources within the Public Prosecution Service. The police and judiciary are convinced that the net is closing around Taghi, the newspaper writes.

Last week the police called on Dutch to keep an eye out for Taghi and his right-hand man Said Razzouki while holidaying abroad. The two are the main suspects in a series of assassinations in the Netherlands. On Opsporing Verzocht the police said that they might be hiding in Spain, Morocco or Dubai. A reward of 100 thousand euros is offered for the golden tip that leads to each of their arrests. 

The police received 29 tips after the broadcast, Public Prosecution Service spokesperson Wim de Bruin said to the newspaper. "Twenty of them were really useful." He would not say whether the authorities believe Taghi is in Dubai. "We make no statements about the investigation into Taghi."

But according to De Telegraaf's sources, he is. "We now have strong indications that Taghi is in Dubai", said one source, who works at the highest level within the Public Prosecution Service according to the newspaper. 

The Prosecutor linked Taghi and Razzouki to five assassinations, most of which happened within the Utrecht criminal underworld. According to the Public Prosecutor, Taghi and Razzouki ran a "well-oiled murder organization".