Nudist campers upset over planned watchtower

Visitors to a naturist campsite in Hellevoetsluis are unhappy about the municipality's plan to build a watchtower next to the campsite. The municipality wants to create a beautiful viewpoint for a yet to be built solar park. But the campers are worried about their privacy. "We like to expose ourselves, but to people we know, not to strangers. That's how you attract the wrong people", a camper said to RTV Rijnmond.

The municipality of Hellevoetsluis is proud of the solar park it is going to build, and wants to show it to passersby. Hence the watchtower. A spokesperson for the municipality told the broadcaster that it is not the intention that people will also be able to look into the naturist campsite from the lookout tower. The municipality will therefore carefully consider the height and distance of the tower.

The nudist campers already objected to the lookout tower and are therefore surprised that it is still in the plans. They do not trust that the tower will be built in such a way that it does not affect their privacy. They therefore invited the Hellevoetsluis mayor and aldermen to visit, with or without clothes, to see how the watchtower will affect the campsite's privacy.